Lesser Known Advantages of Content Management Systems

Everyone knows by now that if you have a site running on some kind of Content Management System, chances are you can get in there and change content or make updates without having to also contact a developer to get them to do it. What everyone might not know is that there are plenty of other features that are available with a CMS; sometimes they are even built-in from the start!

What if you want more from your website? Traditionally websites are just pages on the web, but with the way things are now, your site ends up being more like your company’s own web application, delivering up-to-date information for visitors and also giving you an opportunity to help manage things internally which can speed up your workflow!

Here’s an example, any CMS worth using will give you an area to manage member accounts, they might not always get their own profile like Facebook or Twitter but what you get is a place online to manage contacts and see how frequently they login to your site. Maybe you need a place where all of your employees can access customer phone numbers or contact information on the go, well they can login through a smart phone or tablet and get the information they need and get back to business!

At some point you’re going to need to collect other information from a customer, maybe a work order or specific information that gets sent to your team back at the office. What if instead of filling out a form by hand, going back to your office and inputting that information into your computer you could simply fill out an online form through your site that connects directly to the people / team that need that information? You’ll save time (and money) because things will get moving faster.

Sometimes you aren’t getting information from people, but what if you need to show them something? Images, documents, etc. can all be managed on your site and you can even have a system in place to protect those files and make them accessible only to people you choose. Now you have another way of getting people on your website and keeping them there instead of simply emailing back and forth.

Of course there is plenty more where that came from and considering the fact that a CMS can be expanded through existing plugins and custom developed add-ons; your options are literally endless.

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