7 Things You Needed To Know About SEO Six Months Ago But Were Afraid To Ask

Just Start It…

They say there is no better place to start than at the start. Search Engine Optimization is daunting and requires the passage of time. So get out your notepad, sketch out a plan, and start at the start. Time slipping by is the enemy of your SEO plan.

Here are my 7 Things You Needed To Know About SEO Six Months Ago But Were Afraid To Ask to help kick start your efforts and lay your fears of the unknown aside:

  • There’s no man behind the curtain (well actually there is sort of but it doesn’t matter because you’ll never meet him or learn the secrets of Google’s algorithm and neither will that pesky “I guaranty you Number 1 on Google!” spammer)
  • You need content to make what you’re trying to SEO work (and be picked up by the man behind the curtain)
  • You need to add your key word phrases into that content AND keep it readable for your real boss (your customer)
  • Pay Per Click accounts absolutely work (in direct proportion to how high your pain point is for draining the availble credit left on your last business card — know how to manage them)
  • On page SEO means internal links and page names with key words within your site (not just meta tags and text)
  • Blogs and Social Media integrated into your web design is necessary and works (and these days is expected anyway)
  • Off page SEO is mandatory: backlinks, article submission and PR news releases if well placed and written (and then more backlinks)
  • And yes you are Six Months Behind from whenever you decide to start SEO (it takes that long to see real results)

Two things you can do right now: come up with a general plan and decide if you have enough time (even if you are an SEO expert) to execute a consistent Search Engine Optimization plan for your website. After all, your business depends on it..

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