Why the Puppy?

We mean the incredibly popular puppy ad that we recently ran. You know with the puppy you see on our site. Well, we think the puppy is an awesome analogy for the Internet…or better yet your web presence!

Since the dawn of man the dog has been our ally, an extension of the tribe. Ever diligent, always working, tirelessly protecting it’s pack. Well trained dogs are invaluable to us. They work with police officers and soldiers protecting us, guiding us and chasing down the bad guys. They help our blind and physically challenged. Not to mention herding and retrieving our game. A well trained dog is always an alert, receptive member of the family, eagerly ready for the next job.

Ideally our websites would be very similar, no?  With a well written efficient code and optimized graphics websites are fast loading. With dynamic interactivity your website should engage your customer, retrieve vital information and bring that data back to you like a Sunday paper and slippers.

A website that isn’t written, marketed and managed well acts very much like a untrained puppy. It makes a mess of your data, it’s difficult to get to do simple automated tasks and at worst is unresponsive and destructive. Without the proper SEO and Social Marketing your site is nowhere to be found, doesn’t play well with others and doesn’t answer when you call it.

The websites we make here at TG Web Media are designed and developed to be an attentive, alert, and part of your team working diligently for your business 24/7 on the web. Whether a simple Brochure site, E-Commerce website, Online Catalog or a Social Network, all of your projects get our full attention. Ensuring an obedient, bug free experience with our intuitive and stable database interfaces is our specialty. Interactivity is the word, making your website work with your customers engaging them with clean custom forms, streaming media and current updates to your content. Grooming your site for the public is a big deal too. It must look the part, be clean and professional while being fun and informational. Graphics should be done tastefully and simply to captivate your customer. Calls to action should be simple and direct getting your customer to respond to your genuine offer to help.

So there you have it. That’s why the puppy is a perfect analogy for your web project! And keep an eye out for more of the TG Web Media puppy. I have a feeling you haven’t seen the last of him!.

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