Google April Fools But Their Spam Was Real

The Google Gmail Motion April Fools’ Day joke was pretty good. Just imagine grabbing your ear and replying to an email by mistake. With the video and printable guide to get the hand gestures down, Gmail Motion created history in email services. Here is a shot at what you got if you believed it (or couldn’t believe it) and clicked “Try Gmail Motion.” Not bad for a company full of smart tech types. The “close this silly box” was a nice touch too.

And here I thought Google’s emails to me getting caught in their own spam folder was funny. This was real. A while back I noticed a couple of interesting emails stuck in my Gmail spam folder – from Google. One was for Google AdWords Online Classroom to improve your PPC campaign management. The other was about Google Places statistics. Google Places is the local page for your business that (hopefully) shows up in relevant local search results.

Google was just being honest even if it wasn’t spam. And that’s about as much proof as you need that even well intended emails get blocked by spam settings all the time. This raises a good point for email marketers. You can minimize getting blocked by spam settings, but you can’t avoid it. There are no favorites when blocking spam.

The ad for French Fry Spam Casserole? Sounds like spam….

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