Different Kinds of Information Need a Different Kind of CMS

Open source content management systems like WordPress are great; they help reduce the cost of development and offer easy to use features out of the box. Sometimes, this simplicity can come at a price when a client’s needs outreach what these systems are capable of doing. Luckily there are solutions for this situation.

Drupal is a good example of a CMS that offers more flexibility and control over the way content is handled on your site. More often than not, a normal “brochure-style” website, which consists mainly of your standard About, Services and Contact areas fit nicely within a simple CMS like WordPress. When organizations need to provide many different types of content, like directory listings, events and entertainment packages or extensive employee listings that all need to be easy to manage, that is where a more flexible CMS may need to be considered.

Like Drupal, ExpressionEngine is another amazing CMS that gives developers full control over the way your content is organized and handled in the back-end of your CMS. In addition, each type of content can be manage with customized forms so you don’t have to fit all of your information into the “Page Title” and “Content” boxes that most standard CMS’s provide.

This makes managing content and keeping your site up to date, while maintaining a consistent look and feel easier than ever, even if your site is more advanced than others..

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Nickolas Ekonomides

Nickolas Ekonomides

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