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Everything we do here at TG Web Media ties back into an Online Marketing Strategy. Every project that comes in the door has a different set of goals, a different budget, a different target market, and therefore requires a different strategy for success. For this reason, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a wide range of online marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. We tailor each unique campaign to the unique customer and bring new, creative, and fresh solutions to an age old question:

How do I connect with my target market and deliver my message in a way that will help convert them into paying customers?

The questions is a simple one, and the online marketing services we provide stem from the new opportunities that come from a connected world.  We concentrate on Inbound Online Marketing.  First of all, what is Inbound Marketing?  We like to define it as:

…creating a web presence that will grab the attention of prospects, making your business easy for prospects to find on the web, and drawing prospects to your website through inspired content.

So how do we use Inbound Marketing practices to generate more business for you?  We create campaigns that will help identify and connect you to the potential leads that are already looking for your products and services.  We start by helping you create or improve a website to help attract inbound leads through web design, web development, online branding, and content creation.  We then create and optimize online channels, like search engines and social networks, to help interested parties to find your business and interact with your business.

While each campaign strategy will be differ based on the unique business, here are the main online marketing services we focus on:


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